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What is Injection Foam Insulation?

What is Injection Foam Insulation?

USA Insulation of Atlanta uses an exclusive injection foam insulation product when insulating homes. It is called USA Premium Foam® Insulation. It is applied in liquid form to a home’s wall spaces. It fills space in the wall to work as a heat barrier. Here are some important things to know about our exclusive injection foam insulation:

It can be used in existing homes

We strategically place holes in exterior walls to inject foam insulation into. We use an applicator hose to direct where the spray foam insulation is going. This gives homeowners peace of mind knowing that their interior walls will not be damaged by the installation of insulation.

It can reach all parts of the wall cavity

Because injection foam insulation is applied in a liquid form, it is able to fill any type of open space in the walls of a home. It will fill all of the open cavities, including spaces behind pipes, outlets, and wires, in your home to create an effective thermal barrier for your home.

It works as a fire barrier

Not only does injection foam insulation work to regulate the temperature of your home, it also works as a fire barrier. You can rest well in your home knowing that our insulation product is keeping your home comfortable and safe from fire damage.

It is fast and clean

USA Insulation of Atlanta’s technicians will insulate your home with USA Premium Foam® Insulation with a quick and clean process! Because we inject the insulation from the outside of the home, homeowners don’t need to be inconvenienced with the insulation application process.

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