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How Insulation Keeps Your Home Warm in the Winter

How Insulation Keeps Your Home Warm in the Winter

Far too often we hear from homeowners who are dealing with the cold winter air and their home never getting warm enough to ensure they are comfortable. This is an unfortunate situation, but most often, it’s not one that is difficult to remedy. In fact, as long as your furnace is working correctly and your air ducts are clean, it may come down to making sure your insulation is working effectively. Here is how insulation keeps your home warm during the Atlanta winter.

Insulation has a significant role in keeping the weather from the inside and the outside of the house separated. The insulation acts as a barricade which prevents cold air from outside getting into the home, and keeps all of the warm air inside. This also means your furnace can work more effectively to ensure the home is at the desired temperature for the amount of time you choose.

Insulation can be considered clothing for your home. The more you have, the less indoor heat will escape the home. The best option is to insulate the walls, ceiling, floor, the attic, crawl spaces, and more in order to keep as much warmth in the home as possible. Think of it as a hot cup of coffee you’ve just poured. While the sides and bottom of the cup work to keep it warm, if you leave it uncovered, it will be cold in just a short period of time. Similarly, without insulation, your home will never have the warm temperature you desire.

The benefits of insulation are critical during winter and you should make sure you have someone professional to help you get the results you want for your home. This is the difference between your home being cold and warm.

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