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Should I Insulate the Crawl Spaces in My Home?

Should I Insulate the Crawl Spaces in My Home?

With winter on its way, there are certain steps for homeowners to take to ensure the home stays warm and cozy. However, there are often times when no matter what temperature the furnace is set to, homeowners still notice that their feet are cold. This is due to the floor possible being cold from the air reaching through the crawl spaces. There are some remedies to this, but you should make sure you recognize the benefits associated with installing insulation in the crawl spaces of your Atlanta home.

Keep Out the Cold

The most beneficial reason to install insulation in the crawl spaces is the ability to keep the cold air out of the home. This not only keeps your home from reaching the comfort level you desire, but it could cause your furnace to work harder, resulting in costly utility bills. Installing insulation can help remedy this situation and keep your feet warm.

Moisture Control and Mold Prevention

When you have a professional insulation installer come out to get the job done, they can also help ensure that proper ventilation is allowed to control the amount of moisture. This can also prevent mold from forming, which would normally cause damage to the home and a hazard to the health of anyone living inside of it.

Saving Money

As mentioned earlier, when a part of the home is not properly insulated, it causes the furnace to work harder. This is because nothing is preventing the air from outside mixing with the air from inside. The warm air leaks out while the cold air leaks in. Your furnace can work harder, increasing bills, and potentially increasing the possibility of something breaking down and needing expensive repairs.

At USA Insulation of Atlanta, we recognize the importance of having the home insulated correctly and completely. We take the time to explain everything to our customers so they know what to expect. If you recognize your utility bills increasing or your floors are still cold when the furnace is blasting, you may need to install insulation in the crawl spaces.

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