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What To Do When Your House Can’t Stay Cool

What To Do When Your House Can’t Stay Cool

Whenever the warm weather hits, homeowners turn to their air conditioners in order to keep the home cool. However, there are often times when things don’t work as well as they are supposed to for a number of reasons. Many homeowners want to know what they can do when their house can’t stay cool, but it is important to understand what causes it to know what steps to take.

Some of the things to look for and to remedy include:

  • Broken air condition unit components: The first place to check is the actual unit. If any of the components are broken or not working correctly, it can cause the air conditioner to not work nearly as efficient.
  • Broken thermostats: If the thermostat is broken, it can cause the home to not cool down as efficiently. Replacing the thermostat or repairing the censor can help fix this situation.
  • Clogged air filters and air ducts: Many people assume that the home not cooling down is an issue with the unit itself, but they fail to check certain aspects such as air filters and ducts. Over time, these can become full of dust and dirt, making it more difficult for the cool air to pass through and into the home.
  • Insulation and air gaps: One factor that could prevent a home from cooling down is the air from inside getting out, or the heat from outside getting in. This is common when there are gaps in the doors or windows or insulation. Replacing the insulation or fixing any cracks or gaps can help keep the cool air in the home and warm outside, helping to ensure the temperature reaches desired levels.

At USA Insulation of Atlanta, we understand how insulation can play a factor in the home’s heating and cooling system. Because of this, our team provides the services homeowners need to make sure their insulation is installed properly and that they have the right kind of insulation.

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