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Does Your Home Need More Insulation?

Does Your Home Need More Insulation?

As homes become older or were not properly constructed, there may be some actions that homeowners need to take to help improve the home. One thing that may be considered is whether or not the home needs more insulation. There are certain signs that would indicate the need for more insulation, and it is important to make sure homeowners have the proper kind and amount of insulation.

Wrong R-Value

In Atlanta, the R-Value of a home’s insulation should be as follows:

  • Attic: R30 to R60
  • Wall Cavity: R13 to R15
  • Cathedral Ceiling: R22 to R38
  • Floor: R25

In pre-existing homes, the attic should have insulation with an R-Value of R30 to R60 and the floor R19 to R25. If the home does not have the proper R-Value, more insulation may be needed. This is the value regarding the resistance to heat flow and the power to insulate a home. It is imperative in keeping the home cool or warm.

Non-Effective Insulation

In older homes, there may not be proper insulation, or even insulation that is no longer effective.  If this is the case, insulation may need to be added to help make sure the heating or air conditioning unit is running effectively.

Increased Energy Bills

If a homeowner notices that there is an increase in the energy bills, it could mean the insulation is not properly working. You could receive an energy audit to determine the problem and if it is lack of insulation letting the cold or hot air out of the home, it can be beneficial to add more. The insulation helps to keep the inside and outside air quality and temperature separate, keeping your family comfortable.

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