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How Insulation is Installed

How Insulation is Installed

If a homeowner is considering installing insulation, it advisable to reach out to a professional who can make sure it is installed correctly. This means taking the necessary steps to get the job done right. However, many people are unsure of how insulation is installed. Here are some of the things that should be considered.

First, the R-value of the insulation should be a considering factor. This is determined by location and determines the resistance to heat of the insulation. In new construction, the insulation is installed before the walls are put up in between the studs and then the walls enclose the insulation between the external and internal walls. This is a relatively simple process, but the insulation needs to have the right size cut to be most effective.

If the installation is to be done after the walls have already been up — such as a homeowner needing to replace insulation — many people believe the walls must be first torn down in order to put the new insulation in correctly. USA Insulation of Atlanta specializes in injection foam insulation, which makes it easy to put insulation into an existing home in a non-invasive manner. Injection foam insulation allows our technicians to drill three holes into an exterior wall and inject the insulation into the empty spaces of the wall, filling it in completely.

While many people may be able to install insulation on their own, it is important to make sure that they either understand all of the steps involved or speak with a professional for help. This ensures that the job is done right and that the insulation is right for the home.

At USA Insulation of Atlanta, our team is experienced in helping our customers have the right insulation for their home and needs. This is important as geographic areas dictate which R-value a home requires and the insulation is installed correctly. Improper insulation can cause a homeowner to spend more money on utility bills because the air conditioning unit and furnace may not work as efficiently.

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