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The Importance of Air Sealing

The Importance of Air Sealing

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When you are in the heat of the summer or the cold of the winter, you are bound to run your air conditioning or heating unit to help you stay comfortable in your home. While we expect to see an increase in the utility bills, you may notice that the increase is much more than you thought it would be. While there may be plenty of reasons for this, one of the most common is the lack of air sealing, allowing the cold or heat to escape the home. This means your unit has to work even harder.

Here are some reasons to make sure your home is sealed correctly.

Energy Efficiency

The harder your air conditioning unit or furnace has to work, the more energy or gas it has to use. This results in the bills reaching an exorbitant level for which you may not be prepared. Properly sealing your ceilings, walls, floors, ducts, fireplace, windows, doors, vents, and fans will be crucial to saving you money.

Keep Your Home Comfortable

Air sealing isn’t just there to keep the cold or hot air from your unit inside the home. It is also beneficial in keeping the weather from the outside where it belongs. If there are air leaks, the heat or cold from outside can enter the home and, again, make your system work harder to reach your desired temperature.

If you are noticing a huge increase in your utility bills, it may be due to air leaks in your home. You need someone who can come out and inspect every aspect of your home to make sure there are no areas susceptible to drafts. You’ll also want to make sure any noticeable areas are sealed correctly so you no longer have to worry about large utility bills.

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