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Signs Your Atlanta Home Needs to Be Re-Insulated

Signs Your Atlanta Home Needs to Be Re-Insulated

For some older homes, it’s important to know when insulation becomes ineffective so you know exactly when it needs to be re-insulated. Re-insulating your home allows you to keep everything as comfortable as you want it throughout whatever season. Here are some things that you should look out for that may signify it is time for you to re-insulate your Atlanta home.

Increase In Energy Bills

If you recognize the cost of your utility bills increasing, this could be due to the fact that the insulations is no longer working effectively and it is causing your heating or air to work harder to reach the desired temperature in the home. You can have a professional inspect the insulation to determine if it needs to be re-done.

Uneven Temperatures In Different Rooms

There are times when one room may hold a temperature better than another room. For instance, you can go into the bedroom and it feels comfortable, but the living room feels a bit cooler or hotter than it should. It could mean that the insulation in the specific room isn’t as strong and the room should be re-insulated.

Your Cooling or Heating Units Don’t Stop

Normally, when you have a set temperature on your air conditioner or heater, the unit will run until it reaches that temperature, and then stop. If your unit runs continuously, it could mean the insulation isn’t containing the temperature and causing the unit to run longer than it should. This may mean you need to re-insulate the home.

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