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Why You Need to Air Seal Your Atlanta Home

Why You Need to Air Seal Your Atlanta Home

The sad truth is that even with the heater or air conditioner on full blast, the indoor air may be escaping the home from small cracks, holes, and gaps. Air escapes on a constant basis around windows, doors, and other openings to the house such as a doggy door or fireplace vent. Many people end up, unknowingly, running up their utility bills because of this.

Not having an air sealed home puts the indoor air at risk of seeping out, wasting energy!

Everyone in Atlanta knows that the winters can be brutally freezing. They have to keep the heater on often, and it's especially important to keep the warm air in. In the summer and springtime, the air conditioner is what's on blast. One way to keep the place nice and isolated is by air sealing your house. Making sure every space is tightly insulated adds a nice, personal stillness to the air. Not to mention, it proves to be tremendously energy saving at the end of the month when the energy bill comes around.

Air sealing your home also comes with the health benefits of keeping pollutants on the outside, and your home's harmonious health on the inside. Mold that grows from untouched moisture, from rainy days, will never be a problem for you.

It's important to keep an air-sealed home for multiple reasons. Keeping the furniture clear and free of dust for longer is a popular benefit of air sealing. It keeps allergies at bay and moods happy. You will also end up killing fewer spiders and critters as there is no place for them to lurk.

Sometimes remodeling or even the original construction of a house can leave behind cracks and unintended spaces. It's an inevitable misfortune that's actually fairly easy to fix by getting your home air sealed.

The new environment a home has from being air sealed is happy and healthy. A few sealed spaces in the home really improves the quality of life. The energy saving effect it has will save anyone money. If you're in the Atlanta area, check out USA Insulation of Atlanta for installation today!

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