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Well, I'm a mother nature person, and wish all people could protect mother earth. As in mother earth I'm talking the earth as a whole . All species that are spoken of in Genesis:)

I love the Earth, but only because I HATE Saturn! Just kidding. I'm a hippie vegetarian and buy organic when I can and I hate GMOs! Nature will run perfectly without our interference. It doesn't need our "help".
Joe B.

As a person who enjoys the outdoors whether on a golf course, in my backyard, or on the lake, I thank you Mother Earth for all the beauty and enjoyment you provide.
I truly appreciate every sunrise and sunset I am able to witness.
However, Mother Earth I wonder if your calendar is a little off. It seems like the past three Saturdays have been really cold and rainy, while Monday and the work week has been much warmer and sunny. Thursday forecast near 80 degrees, and Saturday 47 degrees. I'm just saying.I know.... I know... it's Cleveland.
Thank you Mother Earth!!
Cecil Fidnordniak

A day of fishing at the lake, or a walk on the beach. Just laying in the grass and watching the clouds go by. Working in the garden with my mom or grandmother. Skipping rocks, swimming, laughing, bonding with family & friends at the pond. These are all fond memories I have and I am grateful to you Mother Nature for all of these and hope & pray that my children will be able to grow up with the same. Thank you Mother Nature!
Janet R.

Mother Earth, Please know I am doing my best to preserve this beautiful planet we live in, by recycling and keeping you healthy for future generations.
Judy K.

Earth Day is a time to show your appreciation to the world you live in. Never take anything for granted. Thank you Mother Earth.
Ken M

Thanks mother earth for the sunshine and beautiful places to spend time with family.
Rita C.