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USA Insulation of Indianapolis is locally owned and operated by the Logue Family and proudly serves the Greater Indianapolis Area from Muncie and Kokomo in the North to Bloomington and Columbus in the South and from Richmond in the East to Terre Haute in the West with insulation services for every floor of your home and/or business.


The Indianapolis office opened in 2009 and has since retrofitted many older homes in the area, resulting in hundreds of satisfied customers who are now enjoying lower utility bills and a warmer, quieter home environment thanks to our USA Premium Foam® insulation for walls, premium blown-in insulation for attics, and top quality spray foam insulation for crawl spaces and basements. Our injected USA Premium Foam insulation and our premium blown-in insulation for attics are both 100% non-toxic environmentally friendly green insulation products with a 2-hour Class 1 fire rating. USA Premium Foam® is also great for sound deadening in both exterior and interior walls. USA Insulation of Indianapolis also offers air sealing services to "search and seal" the hidden leaks and air currents in your house that contribute to drafts and energy loss.


USA Insulation of Indianapolis now provides greater comfort and energy savings to homeowners in Central Indiana through its new whole home air sealing and insulation 3 Product Punch:

  1. Injected USA Premium Foam® insulation for walls
  2. Our premium blown-in insulation for attics
  3. Spray foam insulation for the crawlspace or basement


When a house is not properly insulated, heating and cooling demands result in enormous utility bills. By injecting into your older home, USA Premium Foam® creates a thermal and acoustical envelope providing you with Comfort, Savings and Energy Efficiency all year long. USA Premium Foam® insulation has the highest R-value (insulating ability) of any retrofit insulation product available. It is a 100% non-toxic water-based "green" product that is completely safe for family and pets, leaves no odor, and cuts down on noise levels while dramatically reducing heating and cooling costs.


When you contact us for your FREE whole home energy consultation, one of our professional Energy&ampInsulation Consultants will meet with you in your home to provide a complete top-to-bottom analysis of the energy loss in your home and thoroughly explain all of your options. Your professional consultant will discuss the installation process for your home and will provide a complete estimate to address your specific needs.


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Over the last 30 years, USA Insulation has been constantly improving its USA Premium Foam® insulation to maintain its status as the highest performing insulation product and service available to owners of existing homes. Other products simply do not have the high insulating R-value or 100% cavity-fill capability of USA Premium Foam® insulation. Most retrofit insulation products fail to completely fill each wall cavity, as they get “hung up” on pipes, wires, nails, fire blocks, and other snares in your wall. They also settle over time due to gravity resulting in uninsulated voids.


If an insulation product or the install method fails to build a complete thermal barrier around your home then you simply do not have the kind of high performance solution that Indiana’s climate requires to keep your home comfortable and energy efficient all year long.


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In addition to great insulating capabilities, USA Premium Foam Insulation:

  • Creates its own vapor barrier (not possible with competitive retrofit products)
  • Is environmentally friendly and emits no harmful gases as it cures
  • Has a 2-hour Class 1 fire rating
  • Resists mold, mildew and insects
  • Deadens sound transmission


We can inject USA Premium Foam® in any type of construction. A typical installation is complete in one day without disruption to your routine. Our certified technicians leave your home as clean as they found it. Call or email USA Insulation of Indianapolis for a free energy consultation.


Communities in the Indianapolis metropolitan area we serve with residential injection foam insulation services include:


Beech Grove, Speedway, Lawrence, Greenwood, Plainfield, Brownsburg, Zionsville, Carmel, Fishers, Mooresville, Westfield, Franklin, Greenfield, Noblesville, Muncie, Lebanon, Bloomington, & Richmond, Indiana.


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