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USA Insulation - Omaha, Nebraska is proud to serve the greater Omaha-Council Bluffs and Lincoln metro areas with blow-in attic insulation and house-wide injection foam insulation, including the Nebraska counties of: Douglas, Sarpy, Washington, Lancaster, Cass, Saunders, Dodge, and Burt. We also service the Iowa counties of Pottawattamie, Mills, and Harrison. Depending on your insulation needs, we may travel beyond the areas above to help you insulate your home and save big money on heating and cooling costs.


USA Insulation Premium Injection Foam and Attic Insulation in Omaha, NE for Home-wide Comfort & Greater Energy Savings

Because heating & cooling demands result in very large utility bills in the Omaha region when a house is not properly insulated, USA Insulation has dedicated itself to informing and servicing this area of the country with professional attic and whole-house insulation products and service. Our USA Premium Foam insulation is a fantastic injection foam insulation that creates a thermal and acoustic envelope which provides your home with comfort, savings and far greater energy efficiency than you can imagine - all year long. USA Premium Foam injection foam insulation has the highest R-Value (insulating ability) of any and all retro-fit insulation product available. It is a water-based, "green" product that is also safe for your family and pets.

How Much Attic Insulation is Necessary?

The Department of Energy recommends a minimum of R-49 for our climate zone. The "R" in R-49 simply indicates the amount of resistance. To achieve the level of R-49, you need approximately 18-20 total inches of insulation. That's because the resistance actually comes the millions and millions of tiny air pockets that are created during the manufacturing of the fiberglass fibers, then air pockets more are created through the installation process. The deeper the insulation, the greater the number of air pockets and the greater the resistance.

Why is Attic Ventilation so Important?

In the summer, good ventilation helps reduce t heat build-up in your attic. This not only helps reduce the load on your home's air-conditioner, it can extend the life of your roof deck and shingles. In the winter, a constant flow of cold air under the roof deck can help prevent ice dams and icicles from forming. Year-round, proper ventilation also helps guard against the creation of mold.

We treat ventilation as a priority, not an afterthought. It's one of the first things we evaluate when we assess your home. We take photos to show you any problems we might find, then we explain how to make improvements. We also seek to maximize the air flow by installing ventilation chutes (also known as baffles) in every rafter cavity that is connected to a soffit.

Why is Air Sealing Important in an Attic?

According to both the U.S. Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency, "air sealing is one of the most critical features of an energy efficient home." The ceiling between the attic and the living space should serve as an air barrier, prohibiting the flow of air between your attic and the interior of the home. Any openings in this barrier help contribute to drafts, moisture transfer, dust, airborne pollutants, and a process called the "stack effect."

Air Sealing also keeps in the expensive Conditioned Air being created inside your home. Common areas of air leakage in an attic are recessed light fixtures, the attic hatch, furnace flue and water heater chase cavities, plumbing penetrations, uncovered interior soffits and stairwells, HVAC ductwork, bathroom fans, and poorly installed ceiling drywall.

Our standard procedure includes a thorough examination of your attic for areas of air leakage, photos of any problems we uncover, and recommendations for repair.

During the past 25 years, USA Insulation has worked hard to develop our Premium Foam insulation that will provide the highest performance capacity to owners of existing homes. Other insulating products, materials and services simply do not have the insulating or cavity-filling capabilities of USA Premium Foam insulation. Most of the other competitive products do not completely fill each wall cavity because they get 'hung up' on pipes and wires within the walls, creating voids. These other products also settle over time due to gravity, which also creates voids or gaps in the insulation. When an insulation product or technique does not build a complete thermal barrier around the home, you simply do not get the total results that come about from an expansive, thorough, high-performing insulating product that will truly benefit homes in the Omaha, Nebraska area.


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Communities we serve with residential insulation services in the Omaha, Nebraska area include:

La Vista, Bellevue, Papillion, Fremont, Lincoln, Columbus, Beatrice, South Sioux City, Norfolk, Omaha as well as cities and towns in the Iowa counties of Pottawattamie, Mills, and Harrison.


Feel free to call us at (402) 592-1718 for more information on pricing and scheduling your home insulation project with USA Insulation. Save energy and utility bill payments while increasing comfort house-wide!

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