Keep Your Cool This Summer

The Whole House Approach to Cooling Your Home

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, cooling your home in summer uses more energy and costs more money than any other system in your home. For a typical home, over half of the utility bill goes toward keeping your home cool.

Fortunately, there are ways you can save money in summer while improving the comfort of your home—and most of them have nothing to do with the way your air conditioner performs. Your cooling system involves a lot more than just the air conditioner.

Your problem may be your insulation. Or it may be the seals around common areas of leakage that you find throughout your house.

They all form a protective shell around your home. That shell needs to be working properly for your home to stay cool in the summer.


Your walls and attic are the most important part of that shell—comprising the largest amount of your home's surface area exposed to the outside. If your home is under-insulated, conditioned air will escape and hot air get in through the barrier.

Free Home Energy Consultation

USA Insulation will come out to your home for a free energy consultation so you don't have to guess where your issues are.

We perform an Energy Loss Inspection that pinpoints your home's areas of concern. Sometimes we use an infrared camera to scan your walls and ducts. A thermal image shows where cool air is leaking out and hot air is getting in—and we can suggest ways to fix the problem. It may or may not be your insulation, but USA Insulation will let you know.


If it is your insulation, USA Insulation's Premium Foam is over 35% more effective than any other type of insulation.

Call USA Insulation today for a professional Home Energy Consultation which may include an Infrared Camera Inspection. It's fast! It's free! And it can find why your home is too hot in summer.

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