USA Premium Foam Insulation - The Secret to Our Success is Injection Foam!

Over the past few years, insulation technology has come a long way! USA Insulation introduced the next step in the evolution of home improvement and energy conservation with USA Premium Foam Insulation--our proprietary injection foam insulation for interior and exterior walls.

Why does it work so well? Our injectable insulation for homes is pumped into wall spaces as a liquid, where it flows freely throughout the wall cavity—getting behind wires, pipes, electrical outlets, and into cracks and crevices that other insulation can’t reach---and then hardens to keep valuable conditioned air inside your home where it belongs. Your home stays warmer in winter and cooler in summer--quieter too!

  • Greater energy efficiency--up to 35% higher R-Value than fiberglass, cellulose, or rockwool
  • Reduces dust, mold and mildew
  • Reduces air filtration
  • Ecofriendly - contains no petrochemicals and is safe, with no harmful emissions that can cause allergic reactions
  • Won’t settle over time like other types of insulation
  • Excellent fire retardant

Using USA Premium Foam Insulation is the best way to seal and insulate your existing home - saving you money, making you more comfortable and conserving energy.

Learn the many benefits of USA Premium Foam Insulation here.

About our Injection Foam Insulation

  • Phenolic-based methylene-linked synthetic polymer made exclusively for USA Insulation
  • Consists of two components: an aqueous resin solution and foaming agent/catalyst that are ratioed together with compressed air in specially engineered metering and pumping equipment
  • Injected into wall cavities, where the foam hardens as it dries - creating an airtight layer of insulation within the walls
  • Ultra-efficient and economical solution for retrofitting older homes without damaging walls or requiring the removal of drywall, paneling, etc.

Watch Our Video on Premium Injection Foam and the Insulation Process

What We Can Insulate with USA Premium Foam Insulation

USA Premium Foam Insulation is the most versatile retrofit insulation. It works in homes constructed of:

  • Brick
  • Block
  • Stucco
  • Shingle
  • Wood houses
  • Vinyl and aluminum siding

Higher R-Value Means Greater Energy Efficiency with Injection Foam Insulation

  • Up to a 35% higher R-Value than fiberglass, cellulose, or rockwool. R-Value stands for "resistance, " and our injection foam insulation has an R- rating of 5.1 @ 72° F per inch and more in colder weather!.
  • Higher R-Value because it fills more of your wall cavity and has a higher density.
  • Injection foam insulation begins saving energy and dollars immediately upon installation and does not lose its efficiency over time.


Clean and Easy Installation with Injectable Foam Insulation

USA Premium Foam Insulation is a cold-setting foam that is instal led into the wall system through specially engineered metering or pumping equipment by our installers.

  • Easily flows into hard to reach cavities, completely filling the cavity
  • Hardens within 10 to 60 seconds after injection
  • Does not become airborne during installation
  • No chemically-treated layers of paper insulation or loose pieces of steel slag to clean up
  • It's a virtually immaculate process from start to finish!

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