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FAQs on Retrofit Residential Insulation Services & Products from USA Insulation


Q:Our philosophy is simple. It reflects our desire to help each and every customer by approaching each and every task with joy, dignity, and respect. This is the USA Way:

A:USA Premium Foam® foam-in-place insulation is an innovative, ultra-light weight, foam insulation. USA Premium Foam® insulation is a hybrid belonging to one of the oldest groups of synthetically produced thermosetting plastics. Phenolics, as they are referred to, were first synthesized in 1907 in the form of Bakelite. Today, phenolic plastics are well known for their durability, structural integrity, and extraordinary fire resistance. Phenolic plastics are used in electronics, automobiles, machine parts, fire-proof coatings, adhesives, tools, and thousands of other commercial and household items. When made into a foam insulation, phenolics are one of the safest and most efficient thermal and acoustical insulation products available.

USA Premium Foam® is a closed-cell; semi-permeable foam that in one step provides a sealed, thermal envelope that simplifies retrofit practices. This foam insulation has been formulated with the environment in mind. It emits no VOCs or CFCs. It behaves much like a petroleum-based plastic foam, without any of the harmful environmental side effects..

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Q:Is USA Premium Foam® a Urea-Formaldehyde Product?

A:No. USA Premium is a unique phenolic-based product.

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Q:Does USA Premium Foam® emit any toxic gasses during installation or when subjected to high temperatures?

A:No. When tested in accordance with the Federal Hazardous Substances Act, USA Premium Foam®'s by-products of combustion are significantly less toxic than those produced by the burning of white pine... a common wood used extensively in residential home construction

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Q:What makes USA Premium Foam® so effective?

A:USA Premium Foam® is much more effective than traditional insulation products, because the injectable foam insulation is pumped into wall spaces in a liquid form with the consistency of shaving cream. As it is injected, it conforms to the cavity, crevasse, and void to create a thermal envelope. USA Premium Foam® is a highly-efficient seal against air infiltration, the number one source of energy loss. This innovative insulation can be injected into any cavity and does not burn, settle, or disintegrate.

Since Fiberglass or cellulose are settling materials, they cannot seal from stud to stud or around outlets. In addition, fiberglass and cellulose can lose their insulation value if water or moisture invades the wall cavity.

USA Premium Foam® can actually help eliminate moisture problems in a wall cavity by creating an air tight seal. USA Premium Foam® is an inert substance and will not support mold growth.

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Q:How does USA Premium Foam® control indoor air quality and comfort?

A:USA Premium Foam® provides a sealed thermal envelope. When applied, the insulation conforms to the cavity, crevasse and void. USA Premium Foam® contributes to the overall comfort and health of the occupants of a home because there are no fibers or "clumps" of loose matter. By reducing air infiltration, the insulation also reduces dust and harmful, household mold and mildew. USA Premium Foam® provides a healthier, draft-free, indoor environment with no harmful emissions that can cause allergic reactions.

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Q:How does USA Premium Foam® control moisture movement and condensation?

A:Most damaging moisture within a building envelope cavity is the result of warm moist inside air being exchanged with the cold dry air inside an insulation cavity. As the moisture in the air condenses, it forms dew within the insulation. Because USA Premium Foam® is an air seal, this moisture movement and condensation does not occur. USA Premium Foam® is ideal for use in climates where buildings are both heated and air conditioned because the situation is reversed in summer with moisture forming on the back of the interior vapor retarder.

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Q:What is the R-value of USA Premium Foam® per inch?

A:R-value is derived from a controlled laboratory test of insulation's resistance to conductive heat flow. USA Premium Foam® has an R-value of 5.1/inch, which is up to 35% higher than conventional insulation.

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Q:Can USA Premium Foam® improve the fire ratings of a wall system?

A:Yes! For over 25 years, USA Premium Foam® has been tested by some of the most reputable independent laboratories in the country. Using the ASTM E-119 procedure, fire tests were performed on many different standard and custom wall designs. Two identical walls were constructed - one empty, the other filled with USA Premium Foam®. In every test, the Foam filled wall showed an increase of fire ratings from 50 to 150 percent! USA Premium Foam® does not melt or vaporize like other foam insulation materials when subjected to the ASTM E-119 testing. Because of its unparalleled fire resistance, USA Premium Foam® has been approved by many state and local building and fire departments as the only foam-in-place insulation product to be used to increase fire ratings on existing non-compliant wall systems.

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Q:What is the flame spread and smoke development of USA Premium Foam®?

A:USA Premium Foam® has a flame spread of 5, and its smoke development is 10. For those reasons, USA Premium Foam® is a Class 1-rated material against fires and does not emit hazardous gasses when exposed to heat of fire. This is the highest rating an insulation product can receive for residential and commercial applications.

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Q:How is USA Premium Foam® installed?

A:USA Premium Foam® is injected into a cavity by a Certified USA Premium Foam® Installer. The Certified Installer would remove siding/shingles or drill in the mortar between bricks from the outside of the home. As with any closed vertical cavity, USA Premium Foam® can be injected into the cavity through holes drilled from the outside of the house.

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Q:Does USA Premium Foam® cause any electrical wiring overheat problems?

A:No, USA Premium Foam® has been tested and is not a concern to electrical authorities.

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Q:Does USA Premium Foam® support bacteria or fungal growth?

A:No. USA Premium Foam® offers no food value, it is an inert substance; therefore it does not support bacteria or fungal growth.

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Q:How long does USA Premium Foam® last?

A:Indefinitely. As an inert, long lasting polymer, any residential or commercial structure is a great place for USA Premium Foam® Insulation.

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Q:How long does it take for USA Premium Foam® to cure?

A:Our injectable insulation for homes is pumped into wall spaces in a liquid form with the consistency of shaving cream, where it flows freely throughout the wall cavity. You can watch it quickly harden after a few minutes. It completely cures within a few days.

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Q:Does USA Premium Foam® create a problem with rodents and insects eating the insulation?

A:No. USA Premium Foam®, as an inert substance, is pest resistant. There is absolutely no food value to the insulation.

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Q:Can homeowners install USA Premium Foam® themselves?

A:No. It takes a certified, trained professional to install USA Premium Foam® Insulation because of the sophisticated equipment needed to install it properly. USA Insulation trains and certifies all its installers.

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Q:How does an installer know when a CMU (Concrete Masonry Unit) or stud wall is full?

A:Sensitive temperature and pressure gauges are located in strategic locations throughout the USA Premium Foam® installation system. As the cavity being filled reaches completion, a small amount of back pressure is produced. Once this pressure reaches a predetermined point, as monitored through the gauges, the installer stops the process and proceeds to the next access hole. A backup method, known as “fill time,” is also used. An experienced installer knows the time it takes to fill a specific size and shape cavity. If the pressure reaches the completed level before the normal fill time has elapsed, a blockage may have occurred, and additional access holes are drilled above or below the blockage.

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Q:What happens if the owners want to add an electrical outlet once USA Premium Foam® is installed?

A:An outlet can be easily added since USA Premium Foam® drills more easily than other hard-drying foams.

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Q:How long has USA Premium Foam® been around?

A:USA Premium Foam® has been around for more than 25 years. USA Insulation began in 1985 to help provide a healthier, more comfortable, energy efficient, and environmentally responsible insulation.

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Q:How is USA Premium Foam® Shipped?

A:The manufacturing of phenolic resin is an exacting process. Material is shipped to the installer from the manufacturer or its subsidiaries in a finished liquid form with the consistency of shaving cream, thus insuring product consistency from drum to drum.

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Q:Who should I contact if I am interested in becoming a franchisee for USA Premium Foam®?

A:Please contact USA Insulation headquarters:
17700 Saint Clair Ave.
Cleveland, OH 44110
Phone: (877) 903-6800

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Q:How can I purchase USA Insulation for my home?

A:USA Insulation, the sole nationwide distributor of USA Premium Foam®, is rapidly expanding nationwide, adding franchises in all regions of the country. If you are interested in having USA Premium Foam® insulation installed in a home or business, call USA Insulation's Headquarters at 800-USA FOAM to find the location nearest you.

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Q:What is retrofit insulation?

A:"Retrofit" insulation is insulation that is added to your home after its original construction. Most homes have some insulation built-in at the time they are constructed in the attic and in between walls. USA Insulation improves upon that "amateur" insulation with excellent attic and wall insulation to truly seal and make your residence an efficient heating and cooling machine.

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Q:What is R-value and why is it important to homeowners?

A:Higher R-values in insulation mean greater insulating power. R-value is a measure of thermal resistance used in the construction and building industry. It refers to the temperature difference across an insulating material and the heat transfer through that material. Higher R-values benefit homes in winter by reducing the thermal transfer of the warmer air inside the home towards the cooler air outside. In summer, it reduces the thermal transfer of warmer outside air towards the cooler air inside the home. R-value is one way of gauging the efficacy and efficiency of insulating materials used to insulate a home. It can help a homeowner or insulation professional determine how much and what R-level of insulation is needed in certain parts of the home depending on geography and other factors.

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Q:How many homes across America has USA Insulation insulated since its beginnings?

A:To date, USA Insulation has insulated over 50,000 homes in the United States.

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Q:Does USA Insulation have any backing or approval by "green" or environmental groups?

A:Yes! USA Insulation has affiliations with Efficiency First and USA Green Building Council.

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