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At USA Insulation, we believe in the best service. That’s why we make sure that all of our technicians are highly trained and the products we use are the best of the best! Proper wall insulation is critical in order to keep your home comfortable all year long. Keep reading to learn about the superior products and techniques we use to insulate your home or business, maximizing comfort, increasing energy efficiency, and bringing you major savings!

Spray Foam & Injection Foam

We utilize two types of insulation for wall cavities:

  • Injection foam – We use an exciting, exclusive product called USA Premium Foam® Insulation. Our Premium injection Foam is applied in liquid form to a home’s wall space, where it fills a cavity to serve as an efficient and effective thermal barrier. USA Premium Foam is the best choice for enclosed interior walls that connect with exterior walls. This product acts as a fire barrier while also keeping your home comfortable and energy efficient. It can be used in existing homes through an easy application process that involves strategically placing holes in the exterior walls and then applying the foam into the wall cavity using an applicator hose. USA Premium Foam® flows freely as a liquid to fill cracks, corners, and crevices that would otherwise be impossible to reach, including behind pipes, outlets, and wires. It then hardens into a firm consistency. USA Premium Foam® Insulation utilizes a fast, clean application process and works equally well in homes and businesses.
  • Spray foam – Spray polyurethane foam (SPF) is applied in liquid form to an open wall space, where it expands to serve as an efficient and effective thermal barrier. SPF is the best choice for exposed walls with no closed cavity. Not only does SPF insulate areas of your home, it also serves as an air barrier, vapor retardant and weather protection layer. Our highly trained and experienced technicians use specialized equipment to apply this product.

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