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Benefits of Premium Foam Insulation

Why Choose USA Premium Foam® Insulation?

At USA Insulation, we use a proprietary insulating product that has gained attention throughout the industry for its unique and effective properties. While other insulation products only work for certain types of buildings, USA Premium Foam® Insulation is versatile, working with nearly every type of building material while eliminating many common problems found with other types of insulation. It’s also ideal for insulating existing homes. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of our specialized foam product! These are a few of the top reasons why home and business owners choose USA Premium Foam® for their insulation needs.

Higher R-Value Than Competitors

R-value has to do with the effectiveness and efficiency of an insulation material, with “R” standing for “resistance,” meaning how well a material resists temperature conduction. USA Premium Foam® has as much as a 35% higher R-value than other types of insulation on the market! Our product expands to completely block airflow and to fill gaps and crevices that other insulating materials can’t reach, creating a total thermal barrier.

Multiple Levels of Home Protection

Not only does USA Premium Foam® insulate your home, it also serves as a sound barrier, blocking sounds such as:

  • Construction
  • Traffic
  • Your neighbor’s power tools
  • Barking dogs
  • Stormy weather
  • Sirens

In fact, you could notice a noise reduction of as much as 80% after installing USA Premium Foam®! Plus, this product offers the best fire and smoke ratings, serving as a fire barrier that can retard flames as opposed to other insulation products that can be hazardous or emit dangerous fumes in a fire. USA Premium Foam® is the only home insulation product that receives positive scores in every fire safety category. In addition, because this insulation is not made of chemically treated fibers or other loose materials, USA Premium Foam® preserves your indoor air quality.

Quick & Clean Installation

Installing USA Premium Foam® is fast and clean. Once our technicians arrive at your home to install, you’ll find that the project will not turn your home into a disaster zone. With no mess and no loose parts to clear away, we respect your space and make sure cleanup is a breeze. Our technicians can finish installation in one day!

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