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She Had to Wear What Over Her Pajamas?

She Had to Wear What Over Her Pajamas?

Jim Mintzer is owner of our USA franchise in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Recently, he had this story to tell.

"Last winter, a couple called me for a home energy consultation at a house they had bought over the summer. I was there right after a little cold spell where the temperature had dipped into single digits. The woman told me that the home was so cold she was putting on a hoodie over her pajamas at night and that she had actually cried herself to sleep three nights that previous week.

"Shortly after that, we foam insulated the home, tightened it up, and did a whole job with the attic and the walls. I called her after the job was completed. She said she was really, really happy with the work we did…yet she was even more enthused to announce, ‘I‘ve thrown the hoodie away!‘"

Jim paused a moment. Then he said softly, "You know, I had never really thought about the emotional side of the insulation business. But when you hear about someone crying themselves to sleep in their own home because they‘re that cold…" He stopped there. He didn‘t need to say any more.

As insulation experts, we tend to look at the cold hard facts when determining insulation needs—R-value, STC rating, Flame Spread index numbers and such. But the bottom line is, are people uncomfortable in their own home? That‘s the heart of the matter.