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When Fall Begins, Snow Fall May Not Be Far Behind

When Fall Begins, Snow Fall May Not Be Far Behind

Fall started just a few days ago. Most homeowners are thinking about falling leaves and the work that goes along with piling them up for removal. Few are thinking about falling snow and the problems it creates when it comes earlier than expected. Have you begun winterizing your home yet? Do you have adequate insulation? Is the outdoor furniture put away? Are your furnace filters clean? Has the water been blown out of your irrigation pipes?

If not, do it now! Why? Cold and snow may come sooner than you think in areas throughout the Midwest and East Coast where USA Insulation has franchises. Here‘s just a sampling of earliest recorded measurable snowfalls.

The wind blew a snowstorm into Chicago on October 12th, 2006. That same day, the storm motored in to Detroit to drop that city‘s earliest recorded snowfall.

Cleveland got rocked when snow rolled in on October 2nd, 2003. Clevelanders were shivering and shaking like Elvis doing his hit song, "Hound Dawg".

It is rumored that Willard Scott was announcing our country‘s 100th birthday when snow fell on New York City and his unexposed head. The date was October 15, 1876.

Holy Cow! The record books show that Omaha received its first snowfall on September 24, 1985. And that‘s no bull!

Indianapolis lost its race to Omaha for the earliest snow as they had to wait until Oct 18th, 1989.

The white stuff touched down in Pittsburgh on October 18, 1972. But there were a lot of touchdowns in Pittsburgh that year as the Steelers snowed the competition and went on to the AFC championship that year—just the first of many championships to come!

Philadelphia got its bell rung by snow on Oct 10, 1979. Every house was a white house in Washington, D.C. when snow hit our nation‘s capital the same day.

Snowflakes sailed into Columbus on October 10, 1906, just 414 years after Columbus sailed into the New World.

The Queen City of Cincinnati got crowned with the white stuff on October 19, 1989.

The Big Muddy turned into the Big Frosty when St. Louis experienced its earliest recorded snowfall on October 23, 1970.

So you see, snow can come early and unexpectedly to much of the country. Don‘t delay. Winterize your home now to prevent damage and be safe, warm and comfortable when the weather turns wintery—which can be much sooner than you think!