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USA Premium Foam® Insulation

This is a foam-in-place injection insulation that outperforms the other retrofit insulation products for many reasons. USA Premium Foam is a semi-permeable foam that provides superior thermal and acoustical insulation. This environmentally friendly foam emits no CFCs or VOCs. Unlike blow-in insulation products, our injectable insulation for homes is pumped into wall spaces in a liquid form with the consistency of shaving cream. It flows freely throughout the wall cavity to create a highly effective thermal envelope preventing air infiltration. Blown-in insulation can settle over time and does not seal bypasses or conform around outlets like foam does. USA Insulation is a healthier, cleaner, safer, quieter type of insulation with a higher R-value. When you compare insulation types, you'll discover the many advantages of USA Premium Foam Insulation.

Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam insulation is generally used in areas where there are no wall cavities to contain other types of insulation--on concrete slabs or unfinished walls.

THE UPSIDE: When sprayed on the surface, the foam expands to fill bypasses as it resists air infiltration. It can be used in small quantities to fill tight spaces while increasing structural stability and providing sound insulation.

THE DOWNSIDE: Due to expansion, installation of SPF is not recommended in closed cavities like stud walls with drywall, lath-and-plaster, or sheetrock. The foam can shrink while curing if not applied at the correct temperature. Many spray foam products need to be protected from sunlight and solvents and most can release toxic fumes when burning. The R-value (insulation effectiveness) of many spray foam insulation products will diminish over time.

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    "We used to have $500 electric bills for one month; all the heat used to escape the house. After the insulation, I did not even need to run my heat even though it was 30 degrees outside. The insulation is working so well. You cannot feel the draft anymore."

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