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We offer the best in home insulation services to customers throughout the nation. Our proprietary USA Premium Foam® Insulation is effective, environmentally friendly, affordable, and makes your property more efficient, putting savings back in your pocket.

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What Is USA Premium Foam® Insulation?

USA Premium Foam® Insulation is a totally unique insulation product used by our technicians at USA Insulation. Used on both exterior walls and interior walls, USA Premium Foam® is second to none. It can be inserted into wall spaces in a fast application process, getting behind cracks and crevices that most other insulation products can't. We designed the insulation to be able to fill in spaces behind electrical and phone wires, pipes, electrical outlets, and other areas for maximum efficiency.

The process is clean and straightforward, leaving behind a minimal mess that can be cleaned within minutes. With as much as a 35% higher R-value than other types of material such as fiberglass and Rockwool, USA Premium Foam® Insulation serves as an ideal barrier, both soundproofing your home and keeping it comfortable through the seasons.

Foam Properties

USA Premium Foam® Insulation is a phenolic-based methylene-linked synthetic polymer made exclusively for USA Insulation. It consists of two components: an aqueous resin solution and foaming agent/catalyst. These materials are ratioed together with compressed air in specially engineered metering and pumping equipment to form an insulating substance with shaving cream-like consistency. It is then injected into wall cavities, where the foam hardens as it dries - creating an airtight layer of insulation within the walls. It is an ultra-efficient and economical solution for retrofitting buildings without damaging walls or requiring the removal of drywall, paneling, and other sections of wall.

Technical Data Sheet | MSDS Sheet

How Spray Foam Insulation Is Applied

While the consistency when applied originally resembles shaving cream, spray foam insulation quickly hardens to a Styrofoam-like texture. After being applied in liquid form, spray foam insulation expands rapidly and creates an airtight thermal barrier. The application process is quick and clean, and cleanup afterward takes a matter of minutes!

At USA Insulation, we use specialized equipment to apply spray foam insulation. Our technicians are highly trained and experienced. If you would like to learn more, give us a call! An Energy Consultant from your local USA Insulation can visit your home and provide you with a complete explanation, video presentation, walkthrough, and accurate price quote using our estimate software.

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