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Benefits of USA Premium Foam® Insulation

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Our team at USA Insulation uses USA Premium Foam® Insulation, our proprietary spray foam solution. This product expands into small, narrow spaces and fills crevices that traditional insulation products cannot reach. This creates a thorough insulation job, keeping your home comfortable year round and reducing your energy bills.

There are several major benefits to USA Premium Foam® Insulation, including:

  • Higher R-value – R-value is how a material’s insulation properties are measured and rated. USA Premium Foam® has an R-value that is up to 35% higher than other products used in insulation, including fiberglass, cellulose, blown-in insulation, rigid panels, other spray foam insulation, and Rockwool.
  • Eco-friendly – USA Premium Foam® is easier on the environment. It tests as much less toxic than other types of insulation produced using burnt white pine, a common insulation material. No hazardous materials were found in USA Premium Foam® during testing.
  • Soundproofing – Insulation not only insulates your home from extreme weather, it also helps keep your home a quiet haven, blocking out the sounds of dogs barking, street traffic, and your neighbor’s leaf blower in the morning. USA Premium Foam® will improve the soundproofing in your home. In fact, you can achieve significant noise reduction post-installation.
  • Fire safe – USA Premium Foam® is a fire retardant that serves as a flame barrier in your home. It is a Class 1-rated fire safety material—the highest rating a home / commercial insulation material can receive. Unlike some products, it does not release hazardous gases in heat exposure or deteriorate over time. In fact, there is no other home insulation product with high scores in every fire safety category, including an exceptional Flame Spread rate of 5 and Smoke Development rate of 0.
  • Indoor air quality – USA Premium Foam® is an “inert” substance, which means it does not contain dangerous products, loose matter, or chemically treated fibers that could be released into the air and affect your home’s air quality.
  • Fast, clean installation – The installation process involved in USA Premium Foam® is cleaner than the installations of other products. It injects in a shaving cream consistency and hardens once applied. Plus, our technicians can get the job done in just one day!

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