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Insulation Installation Process

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Our team at USA Insulation has been installing insulation for 32 years. We start with a free in-home consultation and inspection. Other insulation products require damaging drywall and taking apart your house. Ours is a much simpler and faster process that takes less than a day!

We Start with a Free In-Home Consultation & Walkthrough

An Energy Consultant from our team will explain the process, show you a brief video presentation, and answer any questions you may have. We’ll also supply customized recommendations based on your individual needs, and we’ll give you a price estimate using our highly accurate estimation program. This ensures that you have all the information you need to decide whether or not our services are right for you!

Installation Process for Homes with Siding / Wood

The process for homes with wood or siding:

  1. The foam insulation is mixed on location.
  2. Holes are drilled between studs through the walls of your building from the exterior to the interior wall cavity.
  3. We hook up the applicator hose to the foam container. The foam is injected directly through the holes in the wall into the wall cavity, where it fills the space around pipes, wires, and other obstacles.
  4. Foam hardens in less than a minute into a solid Styrofoam consistency that does not settle over time—as many insulation products do.
  5. We patch the holes after the application to match the current building color, or replace siding.
  6. Cleanup takes minutes!

Installation Process for Brick Homes

The process for brick homes:

  1. We drill holes into the mortar.
  2. We inject foam through the holes into the wall cavity.
  3. We use matching mortar to patch the holes.
  4. Cleanup takes minutes.

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