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Do I Need to Insulate Crawl Spaces in My Home?

Sealing your home’s thermal envelope requires proper insulation. This enables you to preserve conditioned air within your home, maximizing your energy efficiency. Air from outside can get into your home through the floor, ceiling, and walls, while hot or cold conditioned air from your home heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system can escape if your home is poorly insulated. An expert from our team at USA Insulation can visit your home and answer your questions about insulation, air sealing, and energy efficiency.

Crawl Space Insulation Services from USA Insulation

There are two different kinds of crawl spaces:

  • Ventilated crawl spaces
  • Unventilated crawl spaces

Each has its own insulation needs. Ventilated crawl spaces are not as likely to have a moisture problem. Unventilated crawl spaces are typically insulated along the crawl spaces wells as opposed to the floor. It’s important to hire a professional. Proper insulation is critical and can go a long way toward keeping your home comfortable all year long. You’ll also see considerable energy savings as a result of good insulation!

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Why call USA Insulation? Our premium insulation products and application techniques are highly effective and superior to other products and services on the market. It’s important to us that our team be equally excellent. That’s why we use superior products and all of our team members are highly experienced and well-trained technicians.

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