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What We Can Insulate

No matter what your home is constructed of, we can help - our USA Premium Foam® insulation can be used in brick, block, stucco, shingle and wood houses, in addition to houses with vinyl or aluminum siding. Plus, it also provides an effective moisture and thermal barrier in basement walls.

Wood and Steel Stud Walls Brick/Veneer Masonry CMU Block Applications
USA Premium Insulation Yes - READ MORE > Yes - READ MORE > Yes - READ MORE >
Cellulose Yes (Injected into cavity - slow process) No No
EPS Board Yes (Nailed to studs after wall torn out ) No Yes (Nailed to studs after wall torn out )
Fiberglass Batting Yes (Reinstalled after after wall torn out ) No No
Polyurethane Spray Foam Yes (Sprayed on after after wall torn out ) Yes (Sprayed on after after wall torn out ) Yes

Wood and Steel Stud Walls
Wood and Steel Stud Walls

USA Premium Foam® is ideal for use in both interior and exterior wood frame load bearing wall systems, as well as steel or wood stud party wall partitions. A small hole is drilled into the wall and our injectable insulation is pumped into wall spaces in a liquid form with the consistency of shaving cream, where it flows freely throughout the wall cavity. The foam squeezes into every crack and crevice, and gets in and around wires and pipes unlike any other insulating material. It expands and hardens to form a high-density insulating material with an R-value (insulating effectiveness) of up to 35% higher than other types of insulation. The holes are patched with matching material so that it is virtually invisible.

Brick/Veneer Masonry
Brick/Veneer Masonry

USA Premium Foam® can be foamed-in-place between the brick veneer and cement blocks in existing homes. A small hole is drilled in the mortar between the brick/block. The foam is injected into the wall cavity through a foaming hose. As soon as the cavity is filled, the hole is patched with a dyed-matched mortar. The foam reduces infiltration and fills all voids and cracks while easily flowing around all obstructions. It is considerably less expensive than rigid types of insulation. Foundations on homes are insulated by using this process as well.

CMU Block Applications
CMU Block Applications

USA Premium Foam® can be easily and efficiently installed in new or existing masonry construction, either during construction or upon completion. It is the most cost-effective way to increase the thermal performance of this type of construction—more than both core inserts or pour-in products. The total thermal resistance is more than doubled over conventional insulations. Premium Foam meets the requirements and codes for heat loss factor (U value) for wall structures adopted by many State and Federal Agencies. The heat loss is reduced through the mortar joints as well as the block. This is not the case with block inserts.

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